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As official fashion partner of Team NL, we’re bringing denim and athleticism together for the world stage. Our founder Jason Denham shares more on the collaboration as he eagerly anticipates the collection launch, coming soon.


"When the NOC*NSF first approached us, I thought it was a crazy idea," admits Jason. "But we quickly realised that what Team NL was looking for resonated with our brand, which made things very interesting."

DENHAM is honoured to represent the country as the official fashion partner for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It's our opportunity to elevate Team NL's esteemed image and legacy.

"What's special about the Netherlands is that despite its size – just 17 million people – Team NL consistently ranks among the top ten for overall medal winners," reflects Jason. "It says a lot about the strength and prowess of the team we’re representing. And that's something that truly excites us."

Working with Team NL, we’ve taken the opportunity to break partnership tradition by designing not just for, but alongside athletes. “It’s been all about collaboration and bringing people together. The most important thing was listening to what the athletes wanted," explains Jason.

Athletes' feedback emphasised sustainability and versatility, seeking clothing that could be worn beyond the Games. We aimed to craft something memorable, recognising the significance of the Olympic experience in their lives. “Our goal was to instil confidence, and I think we've done a great job of giving athletes something they feel good in.”

“It’s been all about collaboration. The most important thing was listening to what the athletes wanted.”


While the combination of denim and sport seemed impractical to some, Jason and the design team saw an opportunity for innovation. “Even though we're known for jeanmaking, we're also a creative design company. This collaboration was, in fact, perfect for us because we’re a brand that thrives on creativity.”

Working with the brief to design a performance-inspired collection that would be worn in the height of summer in Paris, we were led to Kinetic Denim – an innovative fabric that’s fit for purpose, with breathability and durability. “It’s about movement,” explains Jason. “We're incredibly proud of it.”

Now, nearing the launch stage, Jason shares his excitement: “We’re going to be super proud finally seeing the whole of Team NL wearing our designs. Paris 2024 will be the biggest fashion runway of all time. It’s going to be a massive moment. So, get ready…”

For Team NL supporters, we'll soon be releasing a merchandise collection inspired by our athletes’ Olympic uniforms. There will also be an opportunity to join us as we cheer on the team at a special event in Amsterdam. More details coming soon.

"Paris 2024 will be the biggest fashion runway of all time. It’s going to be a massive moment.”

Let the Games begin

Let the Games begin


Paris 2024 Olympic Games