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DENHAM was founded in Amsterdam in 2008 by English jean maker Jason Denham. Driven by the pioneering spirit of the original blue jeans, we approach design with passion and innovation while honouring tradition. With years of experience in wash recipes, fit perfection and contemporary cuts, we only use premium fabrics from the world's finest mills in Italy and Japan.

Rooted in the West and influenced by the Far East, the Asian spirit runs deep in us. Driven by the tagline “The Truth is in the Details,” we obsess over every detail - from the initial sketch to the final design, across all points of the business. This is why our iconic scissor logo, inspired by Denham’s first pair of tailor scissors, is globally recognised as a stamp of quality. Each pair of DENHAM jeans is embroidered with this seal of approval meticulously crafted from 691 stitches.

DENHAM is positioned within the premium denim segment. Our global retail network increases each year, with stores located in over 20 countries, including cities like Amsterdam, Tokyo and Chengdu. Future-focused and internationally aware, we aim to disrupt the denim market positively with our craft, truth, culture, and world.


DENHAM, our culture

Our brand philosophy is rooted in a passion for details and truth. The details are what distinguish us, define us, and drive us. The truth is inherently inside us and determines how we approach our work. Together, this is what makes us unique, above average. The details are what makes us, us. The details are our truth.

'If you want to examine the quality and care that goes into every single pair of Denham jeans, simply turn them inside-out. We believe 'the truth is in the details' and every pair of Denham jeans tells a story – one that evolves every time they're worn.' - Jason Denham.



We believe in hard work, going the extra mile and upholding our commitment to premium quality products and service. We embrace new ideas and thrive on creative collaboration across all channels. Most of all, we celebrate honesty, authenticity, integrity and diversity among ourselves and our customers.

Today, DENHAM is sold in more than 20 countries globally. It is headquartered in Amsterdam, with satellite offices in Tokyo and Shanghai, and over 200 employees worldwide.

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We've always believed in being a responsible denim brand because the truth is in the details. From the selection of materials we use to our product design and our suppliers and retail partners, each decision is consciously made to ensure we offer the best products with the best people and presentation.

'Be Better Every Day' outlines our ongoing commitment to working towards being better each day, to taking action now to help safeguard the industry's future while sustaining our continuing growth. We aim to positively disrupt the denim marketplace with our truth, craft, culture and world. Our ethical strategy spans across our supply and value chain and focuses on four separate pillars that build on our company philosophy.


Our Ethics

DENHAM's philosophy has remained the same since our foundation in 2008. To produce the best denim products in the most responsible and ethical way possible: for the workers, the environment and the industry.

We believe our business should be considerate towards our communities, use of resources and overall impact. From the design to our value and supply chains and retail, our ethical approach covers all aspects of our operations.


We are as passionate about product presentation as we are about product creation. We believe in delving into the smallest of details to tell our authentic story. This brings meaning and purpose to our consumer experience across all touch points.

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