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The logo artwork

The original logo illustration was rendered by hand, then painted with a blue watercolour wash as a nod to the brand’s indigo roots. The result is a unique piece of artwork that combines craft and technology. The scissor is also a metaphor for our team spirit, with the two blades working together for a more exceptional result.


Jason Denham has amassed a collection of over 2,000 pairs of tailoring scissors, each with its own unique story and history.

However, there is one particular pair that holds a special place in his heart: a set of tailoring shears he acquired in the 1970s, which served as the inspiration for the iconic logo of his brand."I strongly believe that every brand should have an icon, and without hesitation, the scissor was the most natural choice for us,” says Jason Denham.

“Scissors are the most crucial tool for a jean maker; they mark the initial cut of a garment and determine the shape and style of a pair of jeans. Scissors are a versatile tool and a distinctive element of our brand."Every pair of jeans in our collection features an embroidered scissor logo meticulously crafted with 691 stitches.


Jason Denham shares some of the stories behind his life-long obsession with scissors and ever-growing collection of scissors.

How did your scissors collection first begin? I collect all kinds of products and memorabilia surrounding our business, but scissors have become a big part of our archive. The first pair of scissors were tailoring shears I bought while I was in university over 25 years ago. Since then, I have collected over 2,000 pairs of vintage tailor's scissors from all over the world — Japan, Germany, England, France, Spain, Greece and more. It's amazing how many countries have developed beautiful scissors!

Which pair of scissors from your collection do you like the best? There are far too many to mention! However, my first pair of scissors is one of the most memorable, and they are framed in our headquarters. We also have a pair of French scissors from about 1550 that is incredible — they're the oldest piece in our archive and one of the pieces I'm most fond of.

How do scissors inspire you in your work? Scissors are the most important tool for a jeanmaker, as the cut is the most essential part of the jean. Scissors are a very multi-talented tool.

Do you organise exhibitions of your scissors? We present our collection in our headquarters, our stores and showrooms all over the world.