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Jason Denham
the Jeanmaker



While studying Fashion Design and Business at the University of Manchester, Jason "experimented with fashion in a big way" and "tailor-made every project into a denim project." After graduating in 1994, he won a competition to intern for renowned English designer Joe Casely-Hayford. "I would spend the whole night nailing rivets in the jeans," Jason recalls.

After earning his stripes as an intern, he went on to work with numerous brands, where he learned all the elements of jean making. In 1996 Jason moved to Amsterdam and fell in love with the city and its obsession with denim.

"People in Amsterdam wear jeans all day, every day," Denham says."It's a jeans capital, and there's a great denim community here."

Branching out on his own, he founded DENHAM the Jeanmaker in Amsterdam in 2008. We've excelled in our offer of exceptional denim products for men and women right from the start. Rooted in an obsession with premium quality denim, we balance innovation with respect for tradition and attention to detail. Largely influenced by Japanese culture, retail practices and their devotion to products, Asia remains a significant area of inspiration and investment to us. "I dreamt of heading east to build Asia, and I'm proud to say we've accomplished that too," says Denham.

We continue to thrill our customer base with premium denim products while pushing the boundaries of denim development. Increasing our footprint as a global brand, we aim to ensure our stores reflect the best of our people, products and presentation.

"I hope to continue pursuing my passion every day and exerting even more effort. I never experienced the feeling of 'making it' because I believe there is still much more to accomplish." - Jason Denham


More than a decade onwards, we've grown into an internationally renowned denim brand sold in more than 20 countries. Headquartered in Amsterdam, with satellite offices in Tokyo and Shanghai, we have more than 300 employees worldwide.

Celebrated for our approach to design, product offering and ambition to surpass expectations, we thrive on creativity.

"Our brand is built on jeans, and we have a great team of developers and buyers who work hard to maintain our vision, quality standards and innovation,"" says Jason.

At the same time we embrace artistic collaboration with other creators. We invite local and international designers to create bespoke artwork through our House Guest Programme that reinterprets our iconic scissors logo.

We have also worked with several leading brands over the years, including Rolex, Converse, Mackintosh, Mont Blanc, and Nike, who put a DENHAM twist on their iconic products.

Aim High

Our vision is to create beautiful, premium quality denim products that can be loved, worn and serviced for a lifetime. We believe that sustainability begins with great design.

Our product design team blend innovation with respect for tradition and attention to detail - a combination so unique, it will make your pulse quicken and your mouth water.

Our values are centred on three pillars: people, product and presentation. The wellbeing of our employees and customers remains a top priority, as together we stand stronger.

We focus on accountability in all areas of our supply chain to deliver the best products made in the most responsible way possible every time. This ambition, combined with our drive to, means we excel across all business areas.

Design Mantra: "Worship tradition, destroy convention".

We approach design with inventive solutions and confident modern technologies while honouring old-age craftsmanship. Our design process strives to strike a balance between innovation and tradition.