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'Be Better Every Day' outlines our ongoing commitment to working towards being better each day, to taking action now to help safeguard the industry's future while sustaining our continuing growth.




Our principles at DENHAM have remained the same since day one: to make the best denim products using the most fair and ethical processes. Striving to be better every day, we're obsessed with making mouth-watering, premium-quality denim. Denim that lasts more than just a season, denim that's worn in but never worn out.

Our Mission Statement: "To create the most exciting, mouth-watering, internationally ethical jeans brand on the market. We will do that with the best people, products and presentation."

We've always believed in being a responsible denim brand because the truth is in the details. From the selection of materials we use to our product design and our suppliers and retail partners, each decision is consciously made to ensure we offer the best products with the best people and presentation.

Now we seek to take things even further by tackling the ongoing social, environmental and economic issues faced by our industry. In spite of our success, we've only become more conscious and aware of our impact, which is why we developed our new ethical strategy.

'Be Better Every Day' outlines our ongoing commitment to working towards being better each day, to taking action now to help safeguard the industry's future while sustaining our continuing growth. We aim to positively disrupt the denim marketplace with our truth, craft, culture and world. Our ethical strategy spans across our supply and value chain and focuses on four separate pillars that build on our company philosophy.


"From the very inception of DENHAM, we've put responsible design at the core of everything we do, from the composition of our products to our production chain and retail stores, right down to the smallest details. We believe that creating premium, high-quality garments that can last a lifetime is our responsibility as a jeanmaker.

Today we realise the importance of continuing our future journey by working consciously, using the best materials and processes possible, with minimal impact on the environment. Through our ethical strategy, we aim to do our part to positively disrupt the industry with our truth and contribute to a better future for us all. " - Jason Denham


SOURCE: Raw Materials

Here at DENHAM, we are committed to investing in alternative, more sustainable materials to create responsible products.

We are always on the hunt for innovative solutions that not only benefit the design and construction of our garments but the planet as well. As part of our new strategy, we are seeking out new fibres, low-impact materials and inventive manufacturing techniques to produce our products. Whenever we can, we invest in the research and development of more sustainable materials, collaborating with leading partners to help bring industry-wide change to the production of our garments.



One of the planet’s most valuable and essential natural resources, we are all too aware of our industry’s reliance on water. With conventional cotton farming consuming upwards of 1,800 gallons of water to create a single pair of jeans, this is without considering the water needed for industrial washing and finishing effects.

As we seek to limit our water consumption and waste as much as possible, we invest in new technologies that focus on the industrial washing process. By using alternative, water-saving solutions to create the same finishings, we hope to reduce our water usage.


REDUCING IMPACT: Environment Protection

Over the years, we've become more acutely aware of our business's impact on the environment. Rather than focusing on one area in general, we decided to take a more holistic approach to climate change.

We know that good design inherently goes hand in hand with protecting our environment, so we've highlighted several areas within our company ripe for change. From measuring and reducing our carbon footprint to investing in reusing and recycling materials and minimising waste across our operations, these essential steps form the basis of our ethical strategy.


LABOUR CONDITIONS: Supporting Worker’s Rights

At DENHAM, we strive to ensure that all our partners within our supply chain are working towards achieving the highest social and environmental standards. We commit to supporting our suppliers by promoting positive, responsible practices that benefit all workers.

By working transparently and improving the traceability of our products, we aim to shed more light on how, where and under what conditions our products are manufactured.