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DENHAM x Hedof

A vibrant outburst of colour and form


Each season we reach out to exceptional creatives whose work we admire. We invite international artists and designers to apply their style to the DENHAM scissor icon and other brand ingredients. We help support them with a platform to promote their creativity. As a guest in our house, the collaboration is based on shared ideas, thoughtful conversations and being nice to each other.

For Spring 2022, we are pleased to welcome Hedof into our house for the latest instalment in the House Guest Artist series (HGA #18). Studio Hedof (the moniker of Dutch illustrator Rick Berkelmans) creates striking illustrations using thoughtful, well-balanced compositions of candy-coloured sceneries.

Hedof’s unique and joyful style reflect Rick’s positive attitude and charming view of the world. Taking inspiration from Asian culture, vinyl toys and pop culture in general - playful characters and wonky shapes merge into vibrant, charming outbursts of colour and form.

For this Artist Series, we asked Hedof to create a story influenced by Japanese and Asian symbols and their meanings. Representing our East meets West mindset.


The Bonsai gives the roots for the seasonal graphic theme, symbolizing attention to detail. Taking care of a Bonsai tree requires watchful nurturing.

A special scissor is needed to trim the branches, as no other plant requires such attention to detail.

The girl and the tiger represent the East, including the Year of the Tiger. Where the male figure showcases the West, the heritage of DENHAM.