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"From the very inception of DENHAM, we've put responsible design at the core of everything we do, from the composition of our products to our production chain and retail stores, right down to the smallest details. We believe that creating premium, high-quality garments that can last a lifetime is our responsibility as a jeanmaker.

Today we realise the importance of continuing our future journey by working consciously, using the best materials and processes possible, with minimal impact on the environment. Through our ethical strategy, we aim to do our part to positively disrupt the industry with our truth and contribute to a better future for us all. " - Jason Denham


Premium stretch selvedge denim

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The collector speaks

Jason Denham shares some of the stories behind his scissor obsession and ever-growing collection.

How did you start collecting scissors?

I collect all kinds of products and memorabilia around our business, but scissors have become a big part of our archive. The first scissor I received was a tailor’s shear that I bought while I was in university, over 25 years ago. Since then, I have collected over 2,000 pairs of vintage tailor’s scissors from all over the world — Japan, Germany, England, France, Spain, Greece and more. It’s amazing how many countries have developed beautiful scissors!

What’s the piece from your archive do you like the best?

There are far too many to mention! However, my first scissors are memorable and framed in our studio. We also have a pair of French scissors from about 1550 that are incredible — they’re the oldest piece in our archive and one of the pieces I’m most fond of.

How do scissors inspire you in your work?

Scissors are the most important tool for a jean maker, as the cut is the essential part of the jean. The scissors is a very multi-talented tool.

Do you organise exhibitions of your scissors?

We present the collection in our headquarters, stores and showrooms all over the world.

How did you become one of the greatest scissor collectors in the world?

We discovered that when hunting for scissors (mainly on eBay), we were always bidding against the same person, David Gensler, a collector from the U.S. Finally, in 2013 we acquired his collection of 220 museum-quality pieces.